His first book, a True Story, If I'm Not Back by Wednesday - Trapped in Jamaica's Blue Mountains which is based on this event was first published in 2016. It details an expediton gone awry, with almost fatal consequences. Personalized Colour Photo Editions published by Rossi Resources Inc. are only available from www.geoffreyhaddadboooks.com or by writing to gbhrici@shaw.ca. Copies with black and white photos are available from the Publishers Friesenpress.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and over 39,000 retail stores worldwide. If I'm Not Back by Wednesday has received numerous positive reviews from notable persons locally and internationally. (See Advance Advance Reviews, Book Reviews as well as Amazon.com/ca).

Geoffrey's second set of books comprise a series entitled Bonga Bonga and Grandpa. Inspired by the love of a grandfather for his first grandchild, affectionately known as Bonga Bonga, these delightful tales, simply told as the little girl heard them from her grandfather, will make excellent additions to personal and school libraries alike. The first in the series is entitled Bonga Bonga and Grandpa - A Fish Story.  The second in the series, Lucky the Hamster was published in Decemeber of 2021. Personalized Colour Books can only be obtained from www.geoffreyhaddadbooks.com or by writing to bongabongaandgrandpa@gmail.com.   Standard copies are available from Friesenpress.com, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and over 39,000 retail stores worldwide.

Geoffrey graduated from McMaster University in 1974 and completed his Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering in 1975.  He is a Professional Engineer registered in Jamaica, British Columbia and Ontario, Canada.  He has worked in the Consulting Engineering and related fields since that time.

Geoffrey enjoys the outdoors, is a radio control model enthusiast and sportsman. He currently lives in West Vancouver, Canada, with his family including his four grandchildren.

Meet The Books Author Geoffrey B. Haddad

Geoffrey B. Haddad was born in Kingston, Jamaica.  By the time he was five, he had developed a passion for the outdoors.  At sixteen, he had hiked most of the hills of the southern flanks of the Blue Mountains, either on cub/scout outings or hunting with his father.  Conquering the Peak however, was always a personal goal.  Spontaneously accepting that challenge on December 15, 1967 almost cost him his life.