Through the years with Bonga Bonga  is a series of true and educational stories covering a wide range of topics. Inspired by the love of a grandfather for his first grandchild, affectionately known as Bonga Bonga, these delightful tales will make excellent additions to personal and school libraries alike.

Although the stories are mostly the work of Grandpa, they are written from Bonga Bonga's perspective. The narrative will engage and entertain readers of all ages.

BONGA BONGA & GRANDPA– Lucky the Hamster is the second in the series.   When Grandpa’s neighbour goes on holidays and ask him to take care of her pet hamster, Lucky, Bonga Bonga is beyond excited when Grandpa asks for her help. Educational and entertaining, Lucky the Hamster will teach young readers about family, responsibility and the natural world.   Brightly illustrated and simply told by Bonga Bonga as she heard the tales from her grandfather.

Signed copies of the books can only be obtained from  Other copies are available directly from the Publishers, Copies are also available from Chapters, Barnes & Noble etc and over 39,000 retails stores worldwide. 
Here BONGA BONGA reads a few excerpts from Lucky the Hamster.