" ... the author dissects the minutiae of the trip--the rations, the routes--as well as the psyches of the teenagers who walked the miles. By the end, the hills of Jamaica seem as imposing and remote as the Himalayas.
An engaging memoir of mishaps and survival in the Caribbean."

-- Kirkus Reviews


Creative and brilliant work - Five Stars

A riveting tale, told with tremendous flair for action, adventure and cultural history.....this superb book could make a first-rate narrative film...The author's writing is clear, sharp,balanced, energetic, and well structured. 
He evokes the wonder, beauty, and mystery of Jamaica's Blue Mountains.All in all, a story-telling tour-de-force!

-- Philip N. Alexander, Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Boston, USA


Excellent account of a wilderness adventure - Five Stars

I love adventure stories and Robinson Crusoe like survival stories. This book has both elements and the best part is that it's a true story. I hope it comes out as a film one day, I would enjoy seeing all the scenery but with the great descriptions in the book it's as if I was there with the boys seeing what they saw. It's a compelling read from start to finish: I was never bored -- I marveled at the pluck of the boys and the determination of those trying to locate them. I enjoyed the descriptions of the near impenetrable bush and the school customs and, as a nice bonus, what all the boys and their rescuers are doing now, so many years later. I have never been to Jamaica but now have a better appreciation of its history and the richness of island life. I highly recommend the book. I am going to purchase another copy as a gift. The printing and binding and photos are all high quality. One always seems to get good quality from Amazon shipped goods and I was very pleased with my purchase. We can't expect a sequel but I look forward to more titles from Mr. Haddad.

 -- Richmond, Canada (Verified Amazon Customer)


Well written, well researched, accurate facts. I've been into the Blue Mountains myself but never had an adventure like that! Five Stars

-- S. Michael Mclaughlin - Illinois, USA


Lost and found - Five Stars
I stumbled across this book and have thoroughly enjoyed it. The story is unusual and the writing is taut and gripping, giving a clear idea of how frightening it must have been to be lost in the days before mobile phones and satellite navigation equipment. I thoroughly recommend it.
--RJW - Vancouver, Canada


... a real life adventure of 5 schoolboys and a wonderful glimpse into growing up in Jamaica - Five Stars

Captivating account of a real life adventure of 5 schoolboys and a wonderful glimpse into growing up in Jamaica. It was hard to put the book down. Such an inspiring story about innocence, adversity, friendships, and never giving up. Geoffrey provides an interesting lens into social and class relations in the 60's. His recollections of the details from that time are amazing. I'm glad you got to write this book after keeping this story in your head for 50 years.

-- Lesleyon - Costa Mesa, CA
Such a great book! A tale of survival for a group of teenagers looking to have some fun in the mountains of Jamaica. Really enjoyed the read and the color photos documenting the journey! - Five Stars
-- Matthew Floro - Sacramento, CA