“ An amazing true story...   "     "         

Darcy Rezac, CD, Managing Director Emeritus, The Vancouver Board of Trade

"A great great read...attention holding and accurate. I would unhesitatingly  urge Jamaicans in the Diaspora, and we are everywhere in the world, to read the book.  It is a necessary historical document."
---- Philip Mascoll; OD, founding member Jamaica Diaspora Advisory Board

"A non-fiction response to high school staples like 'The  Young Warriors', 'Escape to Last Man  Peak',  even  'Lord of the Flies' or any other male-oriented coming- of - age stories ....historic, literary and anthropological  merits..... all the trappings of a high  school reading-list staple. Saliently illustrates the complex social and class relations which existed then and still exists in Jamaica today."

   — Ann- Margaret Lim, The Jamaica Observer

"Students escape the capriciousness of upperclassmen only to encounter the far more fickle jungle. The ride is like seeing 'Harry Potter' turn into 'Deliverance'.”
   — Steven E. de Souza, screenwriter,‘Die Hard’, ‘48 HRS’, ‘Tomb Raider’

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"IF I’M NOT BACK BY WEDNESDAY is poignant and enthralling. A story of suffering, misery, fear, adventure, survival and youthful naivety, told with admirable candour."
Paul Williams, The Jamaica Gleaner

" Riveting, well paced and attention holding tale of five teenagers who came within a hair's breath of death. Demonstrates that fact tops fiction when it is well written."

 Lady Colin Campbell, New York and London Times best selling author and media personality.

"If you enjoyed 'Alive': The Story of the Andes Survivors...this superb book is a must."   
   — Professor Diana Cooper-Clark, Departments of English and Humanities, York University.